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PockeT KeyS

Interact with MPC-TSS Wallets from personal device

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From UI

Distributed Key Generation

Do not setup any complex infrastructure to generate your keys. Just use mobile app UI to generate your keys.

Full authority with

Signing Process Participation

Preserve authority over your keys by participating in the signing process from your personal device

Interact with

DApps by WalletConnect

Use your keys with DApps that support WalletConnect protocol, no need to import your keys anywhere.

Just scan QR code and you are ready to go.

Self-sovereig with

Signing in Offline mode

Load second part of your key from cold storage and sign transactions offline without the Tookey

As unicorN

Choice your path to scale without getting overwhelmed by operations



Integrate our security and automation infrastructure on your premises for free




Automate operations with signer partner while maintaining your authority

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Tailored Security

Leverage our team's extensive expertise to design a unique security solution that meets your specific needs.

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