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Explore a world of possibilities with our free, open-source MPC-TSS solution. Break the barriers of traditional key management, without breaking the bank.
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Unlock the potential of multisignature setups without extra execution costs. MPC-Wallet executes in gas efficient way by eliminating on-chain executions.
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Tookey's Hardhat plugin lets you integrate our MPC-TSS solution into any Ethereum project seamlessly. Welcome to the future of key management.
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MPC-TSS Explained

Transforming Blockchain Security with Threshold Signature Scheme

Threshold Signature Scheme (TSS), a revolutionary cryptographic technology, holds great potential to redefine blockchain security. Leveraging this innovative scheme, we can develop secure, efficient, and distributed key generation and signing solutions for enhanced security in blockchain transactions.

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We do not have any single point of failure in our wallet systems or personnel structure. System wise, we use a combination of multi-sig, threshold signatures (TSS) and other technologies with no single point of dependency.

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The Threshold Signature Scheme (TSS) is an offshoot of multi-party computation (MPC), a branch of cryptography where parties collaboratively compute a function over their inputs, keeping those inputs confidential. TSS entails distributed key generation and signing, ensuring the private key—central to the security of the system—is never concentrated in one location. This significantly reduces risks associated with key management.

  • Robust Cryptography. TSS hinges on the power of modern cryptography, offering robust security with no single point of failure.
  • Versatility. TSS can seamlessly integrate with blockchain systems, allowing for a range of secure, distributed computations.
  • Enhanced Security. With TSS, the private key remains distributed across multiple locations throughout its lifespan, thereby significantly reducing security risks.

TSS in Blockchain

In a blockchain context, TSS can transform the client's ability to generate keys and signatures. By integrating TSS technology, private key related commands can be replaced with distributed computations, elevating the system's security by eliminating a single point of failure. TSS is also versatile, allowing for various access structures and levels of failure tolerance.

TSS vs Multisig and SSSS

TSS offers distinct advantages over multi-signature (multisig) and Shamir Secret Sharing Scheme (SSSS) mechanisms. While multisig achieves similar goals on-chain, TSS operates off-chain using cryptography, maintaining privacy and reducing costs. Unlike SSSS, which involves a dealer for key generation and needs private key reconstruction for signing, TSS distributes key generation and maintains private key security throughout the signing process.

The Future of TSS in Blockchain

Looking ahead, TSS offers a host of exciting opportunities for blockchains. It's primed to support decentralized applications, scaling solutions, atomic swaps, and more, potentially replacing costly and risky on-chain smart contract operations with more reliable alternatives. Although a relatively new technology with potential vulnerabilities, ongoing enhancements, audits, and improvements are making TSS increasingly robust and reliable for secure blockchain transactions.

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