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Integrate MPC-Wallets into Ethereum protocol, all with zero code changes

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Unlocking Possibilities

Bridge the gap between your Ethereum protocols and MPC-Wallets without touching a line of code

MPC-Wallet Integration

The Hardhat plugin allows for zero-code change integration of MPC-Wallets to Ethereum protocols

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Automated approvals

Define automated scenarios for transaction requests. No need for manual authorization for each transaction, save time and streamline your processes

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2FA of Transaction

Hardhat plugin can make transaction requests and automation scenarios bring an additional level of authorization

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Easy Setup

Get Started with the Hardhat Plugin

Follow six simple steps to integrate your Hardhat project with the Tookey MPC Wallet.

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Explore potential integrations

Discover various ideas for integrating your Hardhat project with Tookey's MPC Wallet to unleash full potential.


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Choice your path to scale without getting overwhelmed by operations



Integrate our security and automation infrastructure on your premises for free




Automate operations with signer partner while maintaining your authority

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Tailored Security

Leverage our team's extensive expertise to design a unique security solution that meets your specific needs.

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