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build crypto Automation

Empower your blockchain activities with no/low-code automation fortified by MPC-TSS

Non-custodial Blockchain Automation

Automate signing approvals, fortify wallets with multi-factor authorization, and react to external triggers in a highly secure, non-custodial manner

Automated Signatures

Implement automated signing approvals while retaining an additional layer of authorization for data validation or oraclization. Enhance your blockchain activities without sacrificing security

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Fortified Wallets

Upgrade your wallets with multi-factor authorization, including Telegram, Discord, and email approvals. Maintain complete control while streamlining operations

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Responsive Triggers

Stay agile with our ability to watch and react to external triggers. Create transactions and send sign request participation to the owner's mobile signer app automatically, reducing manual labor and increasing efficiency

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Your first scenario

Automate concentrated liquidity management

15-minute tutorial and unlock the power of automated UniswapV3 liquidity management. No coding or manual tasks required.

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Explore potential integrations

Discover various ideas for integrating your Hardhat project with Tookey's MPC Wallet to unleash full potential.


Schedule Smart Contract Calls and Automate Approvals


Validate contracts deployments with NodeJS


Mint NFT from Sheets and List on Marketplace

As unicorN

Choice your path to scale without getting overwhelmed by operations



Integrate our security and automation infrastructure on your premises for free




Automate operations with signer partner while maintaining your authority

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Tailored Security

Leverage our team's extensive expertise to design a unique security solution that meets your specific needs.

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